The Great Python Hunt of 2013

from Bon Courage (2013) by Ben Shaman



Nighttime in the Everglades
The grass starts to move
There’s a tremblin round your ankles
Cause the python’s comin for you
The python’s low lyin
He’s low lyin, don’t let him get a hold
He’ll break every bone in your body
And then he’ll swallow you whole

Fifteen hundred dollars
For the man who kills the most
The great python hunt of 2013 is on

Some say he’s a menace
Some say he’s straight from hell
Even gators won’t go near it
Although there never was one lived to tell
You can cut him up with your machete
Put a bullet in his head
Don’t matter how you do it
Only python that’s good is dead

You know the white coats couldn’t do it
They said Go get em boys, it sounded like fun
What started out as population control
Was a blood bath by the time it was done


from Bon Courage (2013), released July 9, 2013




Ben Shaman Los Angeles, California

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