from Bon Courage (2013) by Ben Shaman



You can take the night bus home
It runs into the early morn
It’s cheaper than a taxi ride
Though it takes more time

There’s a whole lot goin on
You live a day and then it’s gone
You do so much but you ain’t done much at all
And it’s nightfall

The iron that is in you blood
Was forged upon a distant sun
Billions of years ago
But you don’t feel that old

You’re a modern Sisyphus
Live to work and work to live
You think too much but you don’t think much at all
And it’s nightfall

There’s a party at Liz’s place
You could go or you could stay
You try to make sense when it don’t make sense at all
And it’s night fall


from Bon Courage (2013), released July 9, 2013




Ben Shaman Los Angeles, California

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