Nawlins Vatican Tibetan Blues

from Bon Courage (2013) by Ben Shaman



Well I heard a little somethin down in New Orleans
Down in New Orleans
Yes they tell me of a man lived a hundred years
Lived a hundred years
Said tell me what’s the secret to a longer life
They said all you gotta do is not die

Well I went to see the Pope at the Vatican
At the Vatican
And I told him all about my life of sin
My life of sin
Said what must I do to get to Heaven?
He said, boy, just do the best you can

(whistle solo)

Well I climbed up a mountain in the land of Tibet
In the land of Tibet
I found the Dalai Lama just a’ sittin there
Just a’ sittin there
Said tell me Dalai Lama, what is true happiness?
He said mmhmmhmmmmhmmmhhhmmmmm


from Bon Courage (2013), released July 9, 2013




Ben Shaman Los Angeles, California

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