Momma had a baby and the baby was me
Named him Benjamin as you can see
Moved back to Ackerman, Mississippi
3 kids later, was a family

Family is somethin that you can’t replace
Got some pretty good friends, but it ain’t the same
Brothers and a sister and a mom and dad
If I lost everything I know I’d still have my family

Momma is a teacher and she taught us well
We was four little heathens but we turned out swell
Surely have to say that’s where I got my start
She put a book in my hand and love in my heart

Daddy is a hard-workin business man
Taught me the meanin of discipline
But he’s quick with a joke put a smile on your face
Made me the man that I am today

Well my brothers and me you know we used to fight
But we grown up now, we get along just fine
And my kid sister, she turned out alright
One day we’ll get together talk about old times


from Bon Courage (2013), released July 9, 2013




Ben Shaman Los Angeles, California

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