Callin' You Out

from Bon Courage (2013) by Ben Shaman



Hey, little sister
Tell me where have you been
Last time I saw you was I can't remember when
Hey, little sister
I thought we were friends
If you call this friendship, consider it the end

I'm callin' you out (cause you never call me)
I'm callin' you out cause you never call me

Tried you on your Twitter
Hastage WTF
Sent you an Instagram in sepia no less
I know you saw that message
My iPhone don't lie
You sure hurtin' my feelins, why can't you just reply?

You better call her out if she don't call you!!

You tell me, well the telephone
You know it works both ways
Don't even give me that, honey, I've been callin' you for days
Tell me you've been busy
Well how could I have known?
You might as well be dead
I wish you'd pick up that phone...


from Bon Courage (2013), released July 9, 2013




Ben Shaman Los Angeles, California

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